This page contains guidelines that, when followed by FictionPad members, will result in a fun and creative environment to read and write stories.

Be Nice

This is a biggie. Everyone on this site is here to enjoy themselves and to enjoy the works created by others. Please make your comments positive and your criticisms constructive. Be respectful and supportive of other people’s ideas and opinions. You know, follow the Golden Rule.

Be Honest

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Don’t steal someone else’s stories or ideas. That’s just not cool.

Respect Privacy

If you know a FictionPad member personally, please don’t reveal anything about them they haven’t already revealed themselves. This includes things like their real name, links to their Facebook profile, their email address, etc.


Don’t be shy. Every author on this site posted their first story at some point. And, if everyone follows the rules outlined above, the feedback you receive will just encourage you to write more. If you haven’t contributed a story yet, read the FAQ for tips on writing good fan fiction.

Have Fun!

We created this site for people to enjoy themselves in a safe and welcoming on-line community. So dive in and have some fun!

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