There are three main ways to find something to read on FictionPad.

Browse stories

The most common way to find something new to read is with the Stories page. Berlow are some tips to help you find the stories that will interest you the most:

  • The top of the Stories page has a word cloud that looks something like this: Word Cloud

    • The size of a word is proportional to the number of stories with that classification. In the example above, you can see that there are more Harry Potter stories than X-Men stories

    • Selecting a word in the cloud will filter the stories to show only ones with the selected item (fandom, genre, character, or tag). Your current filter settings appear below the word cloud. In the example above, the stories are filtered to show only Twilight stories.

    • To remove a filter setting, click the word in the box below the cloud (e.g., Twilight )

    • Selecting more than one word from the cloud, regardless of which tab it’s on, filters the list of stories to show only those that contain ALL the items you’ve selected. In the example above, if you select Harry Potter, the list of stories would change to only include crossovers of Twilight AND Harry Potter.

    • Press the List above the cloud to show all words ordered by the number of stories with that classification.

    • Use the More tab to further refine your search based on maturity, length, etc.

Note: If you visit FictionPad on a small screen (e.g., a phone), the word clould will always be displayed as a list.

Search for a story by title

If you know the title of the story you want to read, you can enter it into the search box at the top of the page. As you type, you’ll see a list of matching stories (and other things) appear below the search box. When you see the story you are interested in, just select in from the list.

Find all of an author’s stories

If you found an author whose stories you enjoy, you can see what else they’ve written by going to their author page and selecting the Stories options from the menu on the left side of the page. To go to an author’s page, either type his name into the search box or click on it if any where it appears on FictionPad.

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