Personally responding to reader comments on your stories helps build a loyal fan base.

Where to find comments on your stories

There are two places where you will see comments on your stories:

  • Story Page: To see all the comments on a story, go to the story’s page and select Comments from the menu on the left side of the page. To reply to a specific review, hover over it with your mouse and press either Reply Publicly or Reply Privately .

  • What’s New Page: The What’s New page has an entry for each review you’ve received. If you have many stories, this is the easiest place for you to find all the reviews, regardless of which story they refer to. On the What’s New page, click the Show More… link under each review to see and reply to the review.

Replying Publicly vs. Privately

Now that you know where to find your reviews, you need to decide how you want to reply.

  • Reply Publicly: If you reply publicly to a review, all your readers will see the reply. Use this option when your reply is useful or interesting to the larger group. For example, reply publicly if a reviewer is clamoring for a new chapter and you want to let everyone know when they can expect it.

  • Reply Privately: If you reply privately to a review, you are sending a private message to just that one reviewer. Use this option, for example, to thank readers for their nice comment.

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