Selecting the appropriate fandoms, genres, characters, and tags for your story will help readers interested in these types of stories easily find yours.


A story’s fandom is the “universe” from which it was inspired (e.g., Harry Potter, Twilight, etc.). Readers interested in a particular fandom will only find your story if you assign it that fandom.


If your story has elements from more than one fandom, this is called a crossover. You can easily make your story a crossover in FictionPad by assigning it more than one fandom. When you make a crossover, users searching for stories in any of your story’s fandoms will be able to find it.


Assign one or more genres to your story top help readers determine if it’s the style of story they are interested in. For example, while Harry Potter may typically be in the fantasy genre, your story may be more of a mystery or romance and assigning it the appropriate genre will help people decide if they want to read it.


You can assign one or more characters to your stories as well. However, you can only assign characters from the fandom(s) already associated with your story.

Original Characters (OC)

Many fan fiction stories have characters not in the canon. If your story has original characters (i.e., not from the canon), you can designate this using tags (see below).


FictionPad allows you to assign as many user-defined tags as you like to your stories. Tags can be used for anything you like that isn’t a fandom, genre, or character. Some examples of tags are AU (alternate universe), lemon, and slash.

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