While creating a graphical banner for your story is not required, it can help give your story that little extra touch that encourages people to read it over others where the author has not bothered to create a banner.

Below are examples of what stories look like with and without banners:

Story Card   Story Card Without Banner

Which one would you read first?

Tips for creating banners

  • Leave room at the top and bottom of your graphic for the story’s information (i.e., your name at the top and the story’s like count, etc. on the bottom). For example, the Preemptive Strike banner looks like this:
    Story Banner

  • Don’t worry about putting too much detail on your banner. When readers hover their mouse over or tap on your banner, they will see the story description you entered when creating your story. For example, Preemptive Strike looks like this when someone hovers over it:
    Story Card Hover

  • For optimal display on screens both large and small, your banner should be 1280x792. Smaller sizes are acceptable but they may look fuzzy on high resolution displays. If you go with another size, be sure the image’s dimensions adhere to the golden ratio (1.618:1). If the image’s dimensions are a different ratio, FictionPad will automatically crop it for you, possibly cutting off important parts of the banner.

  • To help you create a banner, we have a template for you to use. To use the template:

    1. Download the banner template

    2. Create a new image 1280 pixels wide and 792 pixels tall in your favorite image editor

    3. Add the template as a layer in the new image

    4. Create one or more additional layers in your image for the banner graphics themselves. These layers should be “above” the template layer so you can more easily edit them

    5. When done creating your banner, either hide or delete the template layer

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